The effect of corrosion on steel structures represents a significant cost in maintenance programs and maintenance of any industrial site. For this reason, corrosion protection must ensure the best possible results. It should not be forgotten that  the cost of corrosion protection is obtained by dividing the cost for the duration  and not, as is customary for many, limiting the analysis to the apparent lowest initial cost.

For over 15 years the companygained experience in finalizing the application of special protective systems such as coating, ceramic coatings, epossifenolici, epoxy solvent-free food, special protective coatings filled with glass.

It is equipped with fixed and mobile equipment for the execution of any treatment.



Anticorrosione Sardegna  began a professional collaboration with Henkel Italy for the use and application of Loctite Protective Coatings to rebuild and protect mechanical devices usually affected by wear and tear, and corrosion.

After an extensive training, including technical and practical courses, Anticorrosione Sardegna has successfully passed all validation tests and now has reached the status of "Henkel Certified Applier".".

The Henkel Applier certificate guarantees a workmanlike application, based on high standards of service quality.