Quality policy

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our existence and on that it is based our success over the time. To achieve and maintain this result we have an open mind to changes, improvements and innovation, we share knowledge and ideas through continuing education, we listen to suggestions for improvements  and we constantly put ourself into question.

Read the full document: Politica per la qualitàAllegato N° 01 al Manuale del Sistema Qualità (Quality Policy. Attachment No. 01 to the Handbook of the Quality System)

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Health and safety policy

At Anticorrosione Sardegna srl we consider  the health and safety as an integral and essential part of our business. We believe that workers' health and safety is a goal to be achieved as well as a moral duty and a legal obligation. This is true for our employees as well as for the external  workers.

The document “Health and safety policies” defines and communicates to all staff the objectives to be pursued in terms of prevention and control of accidents to protect the workers, the public and the environment.

Read the full document: Politica per la salute e sicurezza sul lavoro (Policy for the health and safety at work)

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Certificazione PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

Anticorrosione Sardegna srl is certified applicator of corrosion preventing PPG - Protective Coatings 

Read the full document: Certificazione PPG


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